Instant Digital Photography for Golf Tournaments and Corporate Golf Outings

The "old way" of doing golf group portraits with conventional cameras and film was dull and boring. Customization was either expensive or impossible. Even worse, participants had to wait for weeks to see the finished product, and there was no guarantee that they would like the results.

Digital Magic's system is different... and better. We bring our digital Nikon cameras and computer monitors to the golf course with us. Participants get to see their pictures right away! Inevitably, the monitors always draw a crowd and provide more fun for everyone.

Digital Magic is a proven winner in the production of "turnkey" golf photography packages. We do it all, from the initial concept to shipment of finished, wood-framed photographs. EVERYTHING is customized for the individual golf course or group. Our system allows for maximum creativity, flexibility ... and fun!

In addition to corporate events, we do a tremendous amount of photography for charity golf tournaments, thereby creating an additional source of income for the host charity.

Call toll-free (877) 916-4686 or send email for more information and prices. Let us show you how Digital Magic can help create more fun, participation and profit for your next golf event.

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